Based out of Dallas, Texas, SM Miller Enterprises provides contracted line-haul trucking services for FedEx® Ground.  Our drivers are dedicated to a partnership-relationship with our customer, and understand who they represent-our clients!

The company leadership has line-haul class A trucking experience dating back to the 1980’s providing professional, custom transportation solutions for our customers.

We know that our company’s greatness comes from our employees.  In the same way that you support SM Miller Enterprises to be our best, we support you to be your best. From administrative staff to contracted drivers, we lookout for all of our team.

If you’re ready for a career with a quality company that takes care of it’s team as well as their customers, contact us today to learn more about an opportunity to work with SM Miller Enterprises.

Our Senior Driver out on the road

Our Vision

To grow our business to fulfill the rapidly growing needs of our customers.  We know customers will not spend their money on different but, will pay a premium for unique.

Our Credo

We build our business on principles of respect. In this place, we only speak well of ourselves, our organization, our competitors and our customer.

Great Benefits

From great health benefits and flexible scheduling, we provide what you need to feel great about going to work. Competitive benefits packages are just the start.

High Standards

SM Miller Enterprises wants to be a company that you are proud to be a part of. We pride ourselves on making ethical choices the center of our business plan.

SM MIller Strategic Partnerships


About SM Miller

Mr. Miller himself has lived the life of a truck driver off and on for over 30 years, behind the wheel a Class A semi-truck, with a current license and driver qualification. He regularly drives the line when needed or just wanting to get out on the open road.  He specifies equipment for fuel and maintenance efficiency, driver comfort and productivity, and most of all safety implementing the latest technology available! He’s worked for small and large organizations, the good and the bad companies, and the ugly one too, so he knows what it’s like to be treated with respect, or not!

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